About the Blog


The purpose of this entire blog is to demystify the political world for the average American citizen. Because we all have families, jobs, and generally busy lives, nobody really takes time to understand the political environment in which we live. So, I am aiming to fix that.

What’s in it for the reader? An understanding of the political world that is as free as possible from outside interests. Should there be any editorials, I’ll label them as such. I also make it very clear when, and if, any policy stance is being made.

Additionally, political ideas are not limited to governmental politics; these ideas extend to the workplace as well as personal life. So, by understanding ideas of interests, governance, societal change, structures of politics, and challenges of procedures, readers can better understand the world around them.

In short, if you can understand the constraints that governments face in getting groups to contribute to the overall public good, then you can understand the challenges that businesses, groups, or families face as well.

This blog is written in an interactive way, and always link articles together to try and create a coherent idea without fleshing out all of the concepts. If the reader is interested, links can clarify concepts. I also have a film blog, so check that out here.

As said before, I aim to cut partisan, business, and elite propaganda to illuminate meaningful challenges faced by the United States politically speaking.

Also, I am an international relations specialist, so I will write about international politics and security. As far as credentials go, I have Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees in political science.

If you want to contact me, have a good idea for a blog, or have general questions about super-complex issues, I’m pretty open to talk about it. So email me at: jraffety84@gmail.com.