OPINION: How this Jenner dude/woman changes stuff


I’M DOIN’ IT! That’s right fools, I bet you didn’t expect a political blog to write about that now-female Jenner dude/woman, right?

Well, I’m goin’ there!

Why is this important or political … like, at all?

Dig this; I really don’t care about the actual story, so I won’t be writing about the morals of gender-ness — or whatever people are talking about. I’m more interested in what happens after certain events like this.

I’ve noticed on social media that the same thing ALWAYS happens … like always. Something happens, then people yell and shout their opinions, then there is a moderate response where people are all like “I sympathize,” then finally people say, “but why don’t other stories get more attention!?”

For real, this happens all the time. … like the ice bucket thing.

So now this dude-turned-woman is getting an award for being courageous, and people are all like: “BUT OTHER PEOPLE DESERVE THIS WAY MORE!” One in particular is the woman who overcame brain surgery to play basketball.

OK. I get it. There are lots of people who overcome the odds and show the capability of the human spirit — and they should be recognized. But the reason this Jenner case is different is that it changes things.


Very slowly. The reason Ms. Jenner is getting the courage award is because what she (I think I’ll just refer to her and she from now on) is going against what is “normal.” The reason she was chosen is because she is the perfect case to use to induce or start some form of change.

When stuff like this happens, is the very beginning of change. This case is the PERFECT case to use for PR purposes, and will be remembered. Why? Because the dude was once an Olympic legend — the very definition of traditional manliness. So when a super-masculine, rich, popular dude decides to become a woman, you better believe it sends a message.

Now, it happened. People get all worked up, then eventually say: “LOOK AT ALL THE OTHER STORIES THE MEDIA COULD BE COVERING,” then show some poor people in Africa or something. People fail to realize that the media runs stories for ratings (because they’re businesses), and will continue to do so until they’re unpopular. That means that people in fact care about this story (most polar stories are popular because it forces a reaction), and all the controversy adds to the hype. This is great for media.

Stories and events like this set the stage for future development. Regardless of your views, you’ll remember this Jenner stuff. So when pro-transgender advocacy groups start lobbying legislation, they’re going to refer to this … and probably use her to speak on their behalf. She’s the poster girl now, and the symbol for a marginalized minority in the United States.


More important than the hype, the story, or Jenner herself is the development of norms behind the scenes. This story is controversial today, but give it 10-20 years … people will be all like “Jenner?” Because the definition and construction of “normal” will probably change.

So, there are some feminine-centric dudes in the world, and that includes boys. Now that minority group has a figurehead. Then younger types are all like “if a super-male athlete can do it, I suppose it’s OK.” This snowballs, and eventually they do what they want … then stuff gets cut, and whatever else happens. The point is that it empowers that minority group — even minimally so, it will make a difference.

Why did this Jenner woman get chosen for the “courage” award? Because Jenner could have played into the typical definition of a dude, and hidden what she really wanted. Instead, this dude followed his true desires to become a woman. Say what you will, but going against what is socially acceptable is very courageous.

I would say that the woman who overcame brain cancer to play basketball is a case of certainly a case of human strength and spirit, but not necessarily courage. I mean there are millions of people who overcome sickness, illness, and bad stuff every day, but they really don’t change anything. Those stories get attention because they pull heart strings.

The only real way to change people’s minds en masse is to have people at the top dictate what is ethically right and wrong. … I would say that’s the case for a lot of people. After all, only a small minority of people care about poverty, human suffering, and other stuff, but WAY MORE people care about celebrities and rich people. … FAR more people care about Hollywood gossip than what I write about here. I mean, really, I bet this blog gets more clicks simply because I posted the Jenner name.

By people saying, “there are way more-important stories in the world,” they are admitting that the transgender thing really isn’t a big deal … and I would say that that, in and of itself, is evidence of change. Most of the time it’s younger people saying this stuff, and eventually they’ll inherit the world and be in positions of power. Also, I suppose it’s good news for the smaller stories of the world that they get a fighting chance of being heard.

All in all, I would say that this case will change stuff moving forward, for better or worse. Also, if you watch the news, it may cause violent reactions, and perhaps we’ll see an increase in gay and transgender hate crimes … we’ll have to see. After all, change occurs very slowly, because you’re changing people’s mind, and most people hate change. It’s a good test case for conservative vs. liberal world views. … so keep it in mind moving forward.


UPDATE (about an hour after the post): There are already more views on this article than most of my other political-y articles.


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